October 22, 2013

Pirates get Scammed in Rare Act of Karmic Justice

Some people may be crying over this, but I think it is richly deserved (via Kotaku).
You see quite a number of weird things in this world, but some things go beyond weird. An ambitious hacker has used the hype created around GTA V PC to infect tons and tons of PCs around the world. Fake files are nothing new, but this one takes the crown.
Here's a picture of the fake file about to be downloaded. Click on it to get a larger view.

Essentially, someone tricked up a malware file to look just like a PC download for Grand Theft Auto V. Down to a size that makes sense (18GB), setup.exe file, the whole nine yards. Except at the end, instead of banging hookers and driving cars off of skyscrapers, your computer gets infected with some serious malware.

And I couldn't be happier.

Look, this isn't rocket science. The more a game is pirated, the less money goes to the company for development. Never mind the fact that it's just wrong. And if your answer to that is "But it costs sixty dollars/euros/pounds/whatever!", my answer to you is "Then get a fucking job to pay for it". People bust their ass for months - sometimes years - to make these games. You could at least bust yours a few hours a week to buy it.



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