October 31, 2013

Sox Win!

This picture from the Boston Globe pretty much says it all.

That right there is closer Koji Uehara. 38 years old, on the tail end of a career that has seen him play in Japan and the US since 1999. He came to the US in 2009 to pitch for the Orioles and was traded to the Texas Rangers in 2011. That year the Rangers made it to the World Series only to get beat by - wait for it - the St. Louis Cardinals in seven games.

So it must be satisfying for him to face that same team two years later and win that elusive World Series ring. Just as satisfying as it must be for ever member of this a team, a team that was overwhelmingly picked to finish last in the AL East this year. Most sports pundits said that, with luck, the Sox might win 80 games. Instead, they have their third title in ten years.

It's funny going from a Sox fan who worried they would never win a title in my lifetime to a Sox fan who has seen them do it three times. Yeah, maybe everyone enjoyed the hard-luck "Curse of the Bambino" story more, but it is way better being winners. Congrats, guys.


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