July 31, 2013

My Five Favorite Films From...1978

Honorable Mention – Heaven Can Wait: Half the time I mention this movie to someone that hasn’t seen it, they go “Isn’t that the biggest bomb ever made?” No, that’s Heaven’s Gate. This film is a pretty good comedy, and Buck Henry as an angel always makes me laugh

5. Halloween: Outside of The Thing, this is John Carpenter’s best film. Helped to restart and redefine the horror genre. Created the concept of the unstoppable killer (I think. If I’m wrong, please let me know.)

4. Superman: The Movie: Remember when people called The Dark Knight "revolutionary"? I think that description should have been reserved for this movie. It’s a successful superhero movie with remarkable depth made at a time when SFX were positively rudimentary compared to what we have now and other superhero films were campy or outright jokes.

3. The Deer Hunter: Ah, the film that made Russian Roulette mainstream. An outstanding film about war and the psychological damage it leaves behind.

2. Dawn of the Dead: A great film in its own right, I wonder how much better it would’ve been had they kept the original ending where everyone committed suicide when faced with the end of civilization. As it stands, still one of the best zombie films ever.

1. Animal House: Thirty years later and this is still, to me, one of the greatest comedies ever made. It made toga parties a college staple along with “Shout” by The Isley Brothers. Even the ROTC/Vietnam angle doesn’t feel dated although it obviously is. Definitely the greatest ensemble film ever.

Films I Like But Didn't Make The List: Blue Collar, The Lord of the Rings, Coming Home, Revenge of the Pink Panther, Autumn Sonata, Midnight Express, The Boys From Brazil, China 9 / Liberty 37, Force 10 From Navarone, Every Which Way But Loose, Foul Play, The Fury

Guilty Pleasure – Capricorn One: This film is pure cheese. But the story of a faked Mars landing by NASA and then trying to assassinate the astronauts is one I still love. And the slo-mo ending of James Brolin running up to his own funeral to smash the conspiracy...you win all the prizes for that one, James.


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