September 24, 2013


I don't know when it was that I fell in love with bourbon...

It is wrong to use "love" with a type of liquor? Some people may say "yes". Those people are idiots.

Anyway, in my early 20s I was more of a gin and vodka man. That, my friends, is the callowness of youth in action. I want to go back and slap the early 20s me sometimes, but he was in pretty good shape and would likely whip my ass. Anyway, this basically sums up that idiocy:

To be fair to my younger idiot self, I did enjoy a Jameson's from time to time but it wasn't my go-to drink. Then in my late 20s the Jameson's replaced the gin and vodka. This is also when my younger self stopped being an idiot. It wasn't until my 30s that bourbon, or whisky for that matter, made their appearance.

Perhaps it's an age thing. We are fed images of bygone years where men sat around at parties and drank scotch on the rocks. Heck, my dad was a Chivas man. They ate porterhouse steaks and smoked cigars. This is also known as the Greatest Time Ever on Earth.

But much I enjoy single-malt Scotch (and I do), I have a special love for bourbon. Equally good in a mix or by itself, a good bourbon is an unparalleled drink. This picture here at the top of the page is of my go-to bourbon, Buffalo Trace. It's high quality and not expensive at all, a rare and wonderful combination. Really, I feel only Woodford Reserve is better when it comes to affordable, high-quality bourbon.

I know some guys cut things like this as they get older in the misguided belief it will make them live longer. If they're alcoholics, maybe. Otherwise, a glass every now and again will just make you more content and relaxed. And I bet that will extend your lifespan more than ditching bourbon for prune juice.


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