September 20, 2013


As you approach, hit and pass 40 on life's freeway, you notice a couple of things. More gray hair is practically a given. If you pull a muscle or twist an ankle, you don't bounce back as quickly. But for me, the most noticeable thing is that you cannot eat the way you used to.

I will be the first to admit that I was not a "good" eater, in that I didn't follow the food pyramid, or trapezoid or whatever shape they're using now.* But I was a good eater, in that I could put food down. It just happened to be pasta or pizza or fat steaks. Nachos too....mmmmmmm, nachos.

Yeah, well those days are over. Running on a diet of fried foods and slabs of beef apparently causes some problems in middle-age. Like your stomach feeling like a road flare is in there. Or having a gallstone the size of baseball.

So I have had to become reacquainted...let's be honest, acquainted, with eating vegetables on a regular basis. And as much as I hate to admit really does work. All those pains have gone away, I have more can't deny the evidence. I guess those doctors are on to something with this "eating healthy" thing

This isn't to say I don't still have steak or pizza. Let's not go crazy here. But you have to make adjustments as you age. Which is kind of annoying. But it's better than ignoring it and keeling over.


* Maybe a dodecahedron? I'd be all for a food chart like that.


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