November 12, 2013

Best Trailers for the Last-Gen Games

Nice little piece over at Kotaku about best video-game trailers of the current (soon to be former) generation of video games.

They have some obvious choices there. The Borderlands was an instant classic. The Beatles: Rock Band trailer is an artistic masterpiece. The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim was epic in its feel with the pseudo-Norse chorus in the background. And the ad for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, despite the controversy around it, was really well done.

But they missed a couple. So please allow me to submit them here.

First are the trailers for the MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic. They're better than the last couple of movies hands down. Here they are combined into one long trailer.

But my favorite is for a game that is in limbo. Prey 2 marries the idea of a human-turned-interstellar bounty hunter chasing down a target to the tune of Johnny Cash's remake of Rusty Cage. And the result is amazing.

That's some solid stuff right there.


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